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Northwest OH Locksmith Store Columbus, OH 614-642-2296More valuable than anything one may own is their private mail. Mailboxes are often subjected to crime and, important private mail is stolen by lock breaking. They are often placed in open areas, attached to a post or mounted on a wall, so that it is easier for mailmen to access them and they do not have to bother the homeowner. One can easily break into the mailbox and commit a crime. This can be easily prevented by changing the mailbox locks . It is a simple solution that will save you from a lot of trouble and worrying. So, call us at 614-642-2296 and let us handle your mailbox security in .

What type of mailbox installation  exists:

The type of mailbox one may have at their home depends upon the type of delivery service in that area. If they are mounted on walls then they will be attached with screws, otherwise curb-side mailboxes are fitted by brackets into position to have them at a permanent place.

Getting your mailbox locks changed are much easier than it seems to be. The lock in a wall mounted box is not too complex so it can be changed in no time! The lock is fairly simple; a small C-clip applies pressure against the back of the lock and keeps it closed.

If you are locked out of your mailbox, call us at Northwest OH Locksmith Store and we will send over one of our technicians to help you out. They will simply have to pick the lock, which they are experts at, and you will have access to your mail. Then they will change the lock and replace it with a brand new mailbox lock and hand you over the keys to them.

How long do our locksmiths take to install?

Mailbox lock installations are easy to do but it is best to let a professional do it instead of having a go at it yourself. Dial 614-642-2296 and ask for a locksmith and they will be over to your home in 15 to 20 minutes. After that is in only a matter of a further 10 to 20 minutes until you have a new lock installed in your mailbox.

No hidden charges:

Our fees are very reasonable and affordable so you should have no trouble dealing with our locksmiths. Call 614-642-2296 any time you need any assistance with a lock and key problem and we will send an expert over.